Our Policy - True Soft Solution

You'll receive:

  • Original initial design concept (layout, graphics, navigation structure) of the Website, a picture in JPEG or GIF or PNG format
  • Custom graphics developed exclusively for you (except for the logo)
  • Final HTML realization of your Website
  • Testing and optimization for the Internet Explorer and optionally (if ordered) for other browsers
  • Uploading of your Website to the hosting server

The time for creation of your initial design concept - plus additional time needed for implementation of your approved design into HTML (cut up the concept, insert your images and text) - will make up the total time to complete your project (up to 20 calendar days).

In case you have a database driven Website the total time to complete your project is 30-90 calendar days. The exact period can be found in the specification for your project.

In case of software application time require as per project. Will finalized after project study or design complete.

The number of alterations you desire - plus additional time needed for implementation of your approved design - will make up the total time to complete your project. Each alteration usually requires up to 48 hours - after we receive your input to our project inquiries.

Communication and delivery

All communication about - and delivery of completed work will be conducted by e-mail. You agree to confirm receipt of all e-mails from us by sending our company a "receipt" e-mail. This ensures that there is a virtual "paper trail" documenting our communications throughout the process. The completed work will be delivered to you via e-mail.


You have to make 50% of total project cost pre-payment to start the design of the initial design concept. Development of your Website begins only when the pre-payment is received. Once you approve the Concept and pay remaining amounts, we'll do HTML realization and send you the final package or upload the complete Website to your hosting server.

We accept payments by
Wire transfer. Cheque Payments Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard)

Additional quotes:

In some cases we retain the right to issue an additional quote after receiving payment for a logo; i.e. when you request other custom features which are not part of the stated project plan. You'll be advised if this is relevant to your project, and then have the option of accepting or rejecting this additional expense.

No liability:

In no event TSS will be liable for suitability, merchantability, or usability of products and services developed and delivered.

Documents we need:

All the data like pictures, discription or text etc used in the project will received by you. We are not responsible for any copyright issues.


Final products developed by TSS are the sole property of the Customer once payment has been made in full. However, the initial concepts remain our property. We have the right to place products developed on the portfolio page of our Website.